Below are my most popular designs - clicking the image will open a window to the CafePress marketplace, where you can see the items available for each design. I've always provided links to the CafePress marketplace because they've typically offered coupon codes to get you the best deals.

However, recently CafePress hasn't been offering many discounts. So if you prefer, you can go straight to my CafePress storefront where there are no coupon codes, but the base prices don't fluctuate and are almost always lower than the CafePress marketplace regular prices. You'll also see more designs in my Shop than I currently show on this page.

Boston Skyline Boston Skyline design shop Chicago 7 Chocolate Chicago New Wave 7 Chocolate design shop Dallas Heart Dallas Heart design shop
London Skyline London Skyline design shop Los Angeles Round LA Round design shop New York City Bold NYC Bold design shop
New York City Round NYC Round design shop Paris Fleur de Lis Paris Fleur de Lis design shop Philly Red & Blue Philly Red Blue design shop
San Francisco Golden San Francisco Golden design shop Santa Monica Santa Monica design shop St Louis Sunburst Saint Louis Sunburst Heart design shop
Sydney Skyline Sydney Skyline design shop Toronto Skyline Toronto Skyline design shop Utah Utah design shop

When it comes to drinking mugs, CafePress is the low-cost option if you're looking for basic-white mugs with the design printed on only one side. But if you want designs on both sides or if you like morphing mugs or white mugs with colored handles, rims, or interiors, you'll want to shop my Zazzle store instead.

Here are just a few examples (Paris shown in 15-ounce size, the others in 11-ounce; not all colors available in both sizes):

Atlanta Mega Color Atlanta Skyline Mega Color Mug shop Miami Sunburst Heart Miami Sunburst Heart Mug shop Philly Mega Cool Philly Skyline Mega Cool mug shop
Paris Fleur de Lis Paris Fleur de Lis Mug shop Sydney Skyline Sydney Skyline Mug shop Toronto Skyline Toronto Skyline mug shop