Hello! You've arrived in the midst of a revamp, but please make yourself comfortable and take a look around while I work on bringing more new content online.

The Design page gives you an overview of my design work, which is available on t-shirts, mugs, and just about anything else you could wear or have around the home. I'm always adding more and will be sending up dedicated pages for popular product categories, too.

On the Ornaments page, you'll find my most popular ornaments to date (with more are on the way.) Calendars are obviously very popular this time of year, and under Photography, you'll see I've started to add some of my photos. These are now available for purchase on canvas and as framed or unframed prints via my Imagekind gallery. Galleries by city/region will be up soon as I add more photos.

Thank you for visiting, and please be sure to stop back again soon!